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After Hours Medical Deputising Services: Offering Doctors Flexible Working Hours

You’ve spent 10 years studying and working to be a fully qualified GP. And finally, you are doing what you love – providing high-quality medical care for the community. But since the birth of your daughter last year, you wish you had more flexibility around your working hours.

You’ve spent years in the medical profession as a GP. You don’t want to give it up entirely, but would like to cut back on your working hours and pursue other interests. And you want to use your vital skills and experience for the community.

If this is you, then you have more choices than you think. Like other professions offering short-term contracts with flexible working arrangements, a doctor can now choose the hours, the location and the length of the contract by joining an after hours medical deputising service, without losing a stable income. And best of all, as a doctor, you can keep doing what you love – providing high-quality medical care.

Why consider an after hours medical deputising service?

As a society, we all lose out when our highly-trained doctors or GPs have to leave the workforce for personal commitments. Our most vulnerable are senior citizens, infants, toddlers and young children. They often need medical attention after hours, on weekends and public holidays when their regular GP is not available. Sometimes carers cannot get them to hospital emergency rooms, and when they do, there are long wait times. After hours medical deputising services aim to fulfil this need by connecting doctors who want more flexible work hours with those who require after hours medical care in the comfort of their home.

GP practices around the country have long appreciated the benefits of providing their patients with round-the-clock care, even in their absence. Many have partnered with a trusted after hours medical deputising service, such as DoctorDoctor, to ensure their patients are looked after until they can take over again in normal daytime hours.

DoctorDoctor provides ‘Better Connected After Hours Healthcare’. The community has access to urgent but non-emergency, high-quality after hours care, doctors get an opportunity for flexible working hours and GP practices can ensure their patients are attended to in their absence by a service of their choice. The goal is to offer the best medical care outcomes to the community.

So, what does an after hours medical deputising service offer a doctor?

For a trained GP, an afterhours medical service provides a great environment in which to work.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Our contracts can be for periods between 13 weeks and 24 months, with extensions or fully flexible options possible.
  • Doctors are rostered 4 weeks in advance. While shifts are flexible, some of our full-time doctors work 8-12 hour shifts.
  • We use the latest in mobile technology to give our doctors comprehensive information and security.
  • Our Medical Advisory team’s support is a big draw for young doctors. Our service is fully accredited to Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards and is an approved Medical Deputising Service under the Department of Health and Ageing AMDS Program. We provide a collaborative and supportive environment for our doctors working towards their GP credentials.
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