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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the after hours DoctorDoctor service?

You can request an after hours doctor home visit if you are living in Melbourne or Perth and your postcode falls within our service area. Check our locations page to find an After Hours Doctor near you

What are the operating hours for DoctorDoctor?

DoctorDoctor is available:

Weekdays – From 6pm to 8am
Weekends – From 12 noon Saturday to 8am Monday morning
Public Holidays – All hours

How do I request a DoctorDoctor After Hours Home Visit?

You can request an after hours house call booking online or phoning 13 26 60 during operating hours.
Remember to have your Medicare card ready when phoning the call centre.

Does my regular Doctor have to be registered with DoctorDoctor?

No. Whilst we strongly believe the best after hours healthcare is provided when your daytime GP is connected with our service, the service is also available to patients when your GP is not registered with our service.

DoctorDoctor may also connect patients who do not have a regular GP to daytime General Practice for their ongoing continuity of care.

Only patients in nursing homes are required to have their GP registered with DoctorDoctor to receive service. This ensures we are able to communicate with their usual doctor regarding any special health information and to ensure appropriate follow-up care.

How much is an After Hours Doctor Consultation with DoctorDoctor?

After Hours consultations with our Doctors are free of charge if you have a valid Medicare card. If you are not registered with Medicare or Veterans Affairs you will be required to pay a fee by cash, MasterCard or Visa for your consultation.

Are the DoctorDoctor after hours doctors well-qualified?

Yes. All doctors working with us are registered with the Medical Board of Australia. In addition, many hold a Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).

Doctors working with us through the Approved Medical Deputising Service Program (AMDSP) are further assessed by the Department of Health and Ageing prior to placement on the program.

Doctors on the AMDSP are required to meet stringent continuing medical education requirements as required by the RACGP and are mentored by our Medical Advisory team towards achieving Fellowship of the RACGP.

One of our doctors will telephone you as soon as possible after your booking to advise you regarding any relevant self-care information prior to their arrival. Patients are attended in a medically appropriate time for their condition.

During peak times your doctor may be delayed because of the number of patients and the distance necessary to travel. All patients will be attended to as soon as possible

What if it is an emergency and I can’t wait?

If you feel that your illness or injury is of a very serious nature, you should immediately call for an ambulance by phoning 000, or visit the Accident and Emergency department at your local hospital

Which Common Medical Issues do DoctorDoctor help with?

The commonest problems that we manage at DoctorDoctor include:

1. Gastroenteritis and digestive problems
2. Urinary tract infections
3. Respiratory infections
4. Body aches and pains. Back pain and muscle strains.
5. Headaches and Migraine
6. Chronic conditions with episodic symptoms
7. Falls and minor lacerations
8. Minor allergies and skin infections
9. Ear infections

Which problems should be managed by your regular GP?

The following problems should be managed by your regular GP:

1. Repeat scripts
2. Health assessments
3. Immunisations
4. Asthma assessments and management plans
5. Chronic pain management

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