About us

DoctorDoctor, formerly the Australian Locum Medical Service (ALMS), has been providing after hours medical care to patients on behalf of General Practitioners for more than half a century. Established as the first service of its kind in Melbourne providing after hours primary care for the patients of more than 2,000 GPs.

ALMS was renamed DoctorDoctor in 2016 to better reflect our belief that the best medical care results from a coordinated and collaborative relationship built on trust between our after hours doctors, the GP and the patient.

Mission statement

To provide best practice professional after hours support for our GP subscribers and the patients who use our service

To provide affordable, appropriate in home after hours medical care

To provide a supportive, collaborative workplace that promotes personal responsibility in delivering excellence through accountability and recognition


About Values

We believe that effective communication and collaboration provide the best opportunity to enhance the welfare of others.

Respecting the needs of others and acting with goodwill are cornerstones of the care we provide.