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DoctorDoctor provides access to after hours bulk billed home visits and telehealth consultations to residents of metropolitan Melbourne. 

We believe that the best place to receive medical care is through your regular GP. However, our doctors are available for unexpected and urgent illnesses, when your regular GP is not available.


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Service times

6 pm - 8 am 

12 noon Saturday - 8 am Monday

Public Holidays
All hours

(Bookings from 6 pm to Friday, 12 pm Saturday, all day Sunday and public holidays)

IMPORTANT: This is not an emergency service 

DoctorDoctor cannot be used for emergency situations. For all emergencies dial 000.

DoctorDoctor Melbourne
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 Suite 2, Level 41, 600 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 

 (03) 8341 1200


 (03) 9429 8677